What are the Requirements to Receive Hospice Care

Has a medical professional suggested hospice as an option for your loved one who is seriously ill? Hospice care would seem, at first, seem to be a simple concept. It provides comfort care to patients who are at the end of their lives. However, the details can at times be overwhelming. It is important to understand a bit more about what hospice is and who will benefit from this type of situation.

Who is Hospice For?

Hospice is a type of care plan for patients who have a serious, life-limiting illness. It can be for patients of any age or facing nearly any illness. Hospice is designed to bring comfort and improve the quality of life, rather than extending life. As such, hospice is a choice, and patients can stop hospice care and resume curative measures if they so desire or it is deemed to be in their best interests.

Hospice can occur anywhere. For instance, residents who live in an assisted living facility may receive hospice services there, or in their own home if they live at home. There are also facilities designed just for this purpose. Best of all no matter where hospice occurs, friends and family can still provide care for the patient and spend time with them. The family will be supported by an expert team of caregivers so they have everything they need to achieve a good result for everyone involved.

Requirements for Hospice Care

While every situation is a little different, the main requirement is that hospice is designed for patients who have a life expectancy of six months or less. This doesn’t mean that care would stop after six months–it can, and often is, extended when needed. It is just not normally recommended for patients that are expected to live for more than six months.

Determining life expectancy is a challenge due to the many variables. As such, deciding when to refer a patient for hospice care is often hard too. The only other requirement other than the six-month guideline is that the patient must have a desire for comfort or palliative care rather than curative treatments.

While hospice may be a topic that is hard to think about, especially when it is for someone you care about, it is important to understand the process and what is involved in getting started in case you ever find yourself in a position that it is needed.

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