Assisted Living

Find balance between your independence and having a caring support system near San Antonio

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Cost-Effective & Comfortable

Originally created in the 1980s, assisted living was formed as a less expensive, more home-like alternative to the traditional nursing home.

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Enjoy Your Independence

Assisted living provides a wide array of services designed to keep seniors as independent as possible, for as long as possible.

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Activities & Engagement

In most cases, assisted living helps seniors stay more active, social, and engaged in life than they otherwise would be living alone.

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Leading Medical Assistance

Assisted living provides staff 24/7, assistance with medications, and communication between healthcare providers and families.

What Assisted Living in San Antonio TX Provides

People who live in San Antonio TX are accustomed to a vibrant, active lifestyle, even after they retire. Maintaining independence is important to people as they age – many older adults want to continue living independent, enriching lives, but just need a little help with a few basic activities. For these Texans, assisted living near San Antonio may be the perfect option.


What is Assisted Living?

Assisted living is a form of long-term care that involves a housing and health care component, as well as help with activities of daily living (ADLs). These activities can include bathing, walking, dressing, meals, medications, and so much more.

In an assisted living community, an individual or couple live in their own apartment that features a comfortable living area, bedrooms, bathrooms, and kitchen – all with safety handles, emergency call buttons, and other amenities to make life safer and easier. Residents can make their own meals to dine alone or enjoy prepared meals with other residents. Serenity Oaks offers the assisted living San Antonio TX residents rely on to balance independent living and having a caring support system.

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The Serenity Oaks Assisted Living Difference

Our facility is dedicated to ensuring residents feel comfortable, engaged, and happy in their new home. Learn more about how Serenity Oaks makes it a fulfilling experience.

Our assisted living community near San Antonio provides a number of benefits, including assistance with activities of daily living, improved social life, increased activity levels, better nutrition, peace of mind, and reduced stress.

Services Provided in Assisted Living Facilities

Assisted living can make day-to-day life easier for you and your loved one by providing services and amenities that make activities of daily living easier and less time-consuming. Services provided in assisted living facilities might include help with bathing or showering, assistance with maintaining dental, hair and nail hygiene, dressing, and mobility.

Amenities may include linen service, help with medication management, housekeeping, and laundry services. High quality assisted living communities offer family-style dining featuring chef-prepared menus. They also provide life enrichment programs, with an ever-changing calendar of activities designed to keep minds sharp and bodies fit.

Assisted living communities make safety and security for residents a high priority, with communities designed and built with added safety features to ensure the safest environment possible. This means you will never have to worry about comfort, enrichment, and safety.

Is Assisted Living the Same as a Nursing Home?

While assisted living and nursing homes are similar in that they are residential communities for older adults, assisted living is quite different from a nursing home in a number of ways. Nursing homes are for older adults who require medical and personal care, and who cannot live independently. Assisted living is for older adults who need help with one or two ADLs, but who are otherwise able to live independently.

If you have a loved one who could benefit from our San Antonio assisted living community, contact the dedicated team at Serenity Oaks today to learn more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Medicare cover assisted living facilities?

As a general rule, Medicare does not cover assisted living. However, other insurance options may provide this type of coverage, so it is best to check with your particular policy to see what is included.

Do you provide respite care?

Yes, we offer respite care for patients at all ability levels for hours, days, or weeks. This is an excellent way for caregivers to get some time to rejuvenate and recover from providing ongoing care.

How do I get my parents admitted to a assisted living facility?

The process begins by touring the facility and talking with the staff to learn more about what’s available and whether it is a good option for your loved one. Then, the process moves forward, and you’ll fill out paperwork and put together a plan for payment. We do everything possible to make sure the admission process is as low-stress as possible. Contact us here today.

What levels of care do you provide?

We offer assisted living where patients can live as independently as desired while still having access to round-the-clock assistance when needed. Memory care is also available for patients who benefit from these services.

What is the difference between an assisted living facility and a nursing home?

The main difference between assisted living and a nursing home is that residents of assisted living will have some level of independence. They may enjoy dining in a common area, group activities, and have help when needed, but they will have rooms where they can function independently. At a nursing home, the patients are often assisted with all aspects of living and may have less personal space.

Do you have a medication management program?

Yes, we offer round the clock assistance with medication and will work with outside healthcare professionals when needed to ensure all pharmaceutical needs are met.

Do you offer rehabilitation or skilled nursing?

We have round the clock care and medical assistance plus work with our resident’s healthcare team to help keep our patients healthy and well-cared for, but we are not a nursing home or rehabilitation center.

How is my level of care determined?

We assess the level of care when a resident first comes to live with us. It is not reconfigured monthly or quarterly, like at some facilities. The level of care is based on the resident’s overall ability to care for himself or herself and any additional services that may be needed.

What is your staff to resident ratio?

Our facilities have between 6 and 16 residents and a full range of staff members on the clock at all times. The ratio may vary from location to location and hour to hour, but rest assured every resident has the care they need day or night.

What types of activities do you offer?

We offer a wide variety of activities and enrichment, including guest speakers, classes, game nights, religious services, and more. Our goal is to enrich each and every resident rather than simply fill the calendar with events.

Other Living Options

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Memory Care

Our memory care program is for those living with Alzheimer’s disease or other forms of dementia. These illnesses are gradual & progressive, so no two patients need the same care level.

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Respite Care

Respite care for the elderly in San Antonio serves as a mental and physical oasis for caregivers who spend the bulk of their time in the service of someone they love.

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Hospice Care

Hospice is for patients struggling with a life-limiting illness. As an individual nears the final stages of their life, hospice offers them a safe place where they can receive 24/7 care.