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The Serenity Oaks Memory Care Difference

Senior Memory Care Facility Near San Antonio

Our memory care facility near San Antonio, TX is dedicated to caring for patients with dementia or Alzheimer’s disease and providing them with a safe and comfortable living environment in the care of a team that understands their needs.


What is Memory Care?

Our memory care service is a specialized program for those living with Alzheimer’s disease or some other form of dementia. These illnesses are gradual and progressive, so no two patients need the same care level. By opting for a memory care program, the patients have a safe place to live that includes socialization, structure, and full-time medical care.

A Commitment to Safety and Security

Security is absolute for patients in our memory care community in San Antonio TX. Our center has security features in place to ensure the environment is comfortable but safe, including alarmed doors and enclosed outdoor spaces. Our residents can still enjoy a walk and some air without getting lost. 

Individualized Attention and Care

People who struggle with dementia or Alzheimer’s disease have a unique set of needs. We offer a comprehensive but personalized care plan for each of our residents to ensure that they get the individualized care necessary to improve their quality of life. Our staff at every level is high-trained and experienced in the treatment of dementia.
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What Does Serenity Oaks Memory Care Center Provide?

Our memory care facility is dedicated to ensuring residents feel comfortable, engaged, and happy in their new homes. Our memory care community near San Antonio, TX provides several benefits, including assistance with activities of daily living, improved social life, increased activity levels, better nutrition, peace of mind, and reduced stress. Know more about our Serenity Oaks facility in San Antonio, Texas with our virtual tour.

Our Memory Care Facility in San Antonio, TX

The Memory Care Services At Serenity Oaks

You might be surprised to learn of the many services and benefits our memory care facility offers for both you and your loved one. These may include:

Independence – the care, amenities, services, activities, and programs offered in our memory care center helps your loved one maintain the greatest level of independence possible.

Specialized services – the 24-hour care, trained staff, memory-enhancing activities and therapies, and secure environments provide the additional support your loved one needs for optimal independence.

Engaging opportunities – a calendar full of activities and events that helps residents of memory care live actively in the present.

Physical safety – our memory care community offers a secure environment that keeps residents safe and prevents dangerous wandering.

Assistance with medications and mobility – our memory care services can help those with memory impairment take their medications on time and correctly.

Help with daily activities – residents of our memory care facility receive help with the daily activities they may be struggling with, such as dressing, preparing meals, and cleaning.

Give your loved one the space and support they need

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Personalized Care Plans

Memory care provides independence and improves the quality of life. No two people are the same, so a personalized care plan offers an individual approach, improving daily functions while providing as much freedom as possible.

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Putting Patients First

The same person-centered approach helps to meet each person’s individual needs through personalized service plans, life enrichment programs, health & well-being checkups, and daily living in a safe and secure environment.

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Peace of Mind for Families

Choosing memory care provides families with the peace of knowing their loved one is safe and well cared by our trained staff. They will be able to socialize and take part in daily activities in our senior living community with a little help.

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Highly-Trained Professionals

Our memory care facility staff undergo dementia-specific training that teaches them how to help seniors in their care to improve their quality of life and keep them safe. And they have experience working with individuals with cognitive impairments.

Frequently Asked Questions

When is it time for memory care?

The right time for memory care is when a person with dementia requires a higher level of care and support that can no longer be provided at home or in an assisted living setting. Signs may include severe memory loss, wandering, aggression, or significant challenges in daily tasks. Consulting with a healthcare professional and memory care experts can help determine the appropriate timing.

What is the difference between assisted living and memory care?

Assisted living and memory care are both types of residential care, but they cater to different needs. Assisted living is designed for older adults who may need help with activities of daily living (ADLs) but do not necessarily have cognitive impairments. It offers a more general level of care, including assistance with tasks like bathing, dressing, and medication management.

Memory care, on the other hand, is a specialized form of assisted living tailored specifically for individuals with Alzheimer’s disease or other forms of dementia. Memory care units provide a secure environment with trained staff who have expertise in dementia care. The programs and services in memory care are designed to address the unique challenges associated with memory-related conditions, such as structured activities for cognitive stimulation and enhanced security measures to prevent wandering.

When should you move from assisted living to memory care?

The transition from assisted living to memory care is typically necessary when a resident’s cognitive decline reaches a point where their safety and quality of life can no longer be adequately managed in assisted living. Signs may include worsening memory loss, increased confusion, behavioral issues, or an inability to manage daily tasks independently. Families and care professionals need to assess the individual’s specific needs and make this move when it becomes clear it’s in their best interest.

Do dementia patients do better at home?

The suitability of home care for dementia patients varies depending on individual circumstances. While some people with dementia may thrive in a familiar home environment, it often becomes challenging to provide the specialized care and 24/7 supervision required as the condition progresses. Memory care facilities offer a secure, supportive setting with trained staff and tailored programs, making them a preferred option for many families dealing with advanced dementia.

What should you expect from a memory care facility?

Memory care facilities provide a safe, structured environment specifically designed for individuals with dementia. You can expect 24/7 supervision, trained staff, cognitive and sensory stimulation programs, assistance with daily activities, medication management, and a secure living space. These facilities focus on maintaining residents’ dignity, managing behavioral symptoms, and enhancing their overall quality of life.

What should I look for when visiting a memory care community?

When visiting a memory care community, look for a safe and well-maintained environment, compassionate and trained staff, individualized care plans, engaging activities tailored to cognitive abilities, family involvement, and a strong focus on resident well-being. Additionally, inquire about the facility’s approach to managing challenging behaviors and how they ensure residents’ comfort and dignity.

Does medicare cover memory care?

Medicare typically does not cover the costs associated with long-term memory care in assisted living facilities. While Medicare covers certain medical services and short-term stays in skilled nursing facilities, it does not extend to the extended, non-medical care provided in memory care units. However, individuals with memory-related conditions may qualify for some medical services under Medicare, and it’s advisable to check specific eligibility and coverage details with the Medicare program or a healthcare professional.

Other Senior Living Options

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Assisted Living

Assisted living is a form of long-term care that involves a housing and health care component, as well as help with activities of daily living such as bathing, walking, dressing, meals, medications, etc.

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Respite Care

Respite care for the elderly in San Antonio serves as a mental and physical oasis for caregivers who spend the bulk of their time in the service of someone they love.

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Hospice Care

Hospice is for patients struggling with a life-limiting illness. As an individual nears the final stages of their life, hospice offers them a safe place where they can receive 24/7 care.

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