Caring For An Aging Parent When You’re An Only Child

One of the biggest challenges than anyone ever faces is caring for their parents as they age. It is difficult because while you’re thinking about your aging parents you may often have pressure from work, children and other obligations. Plus, there are simply the psychological difficulties of providing care for someone that was always taking care of you.

For an only child, the difficulties that all people have are compounded. Not only do your aging parents still need help with their day to day lives, but you also do not have any other siblings to help shoulder the work and to talk to about your feelings. Luckily, today there are care options that can help you have less stress and your parents to still get the level of care they deserve. Let us share a bit about some of the more common options available near you.


Assisted Living

Assisted living is a residential care option that many people (both residents and their families) find particularly appealing. Assisted living is nothing like a “nursing home” that you remember from days past. Many residents of assisted living are vibrant and independent. There are often private room arrangements that feel more likely a small apartment than anything else. However, the rooms are in a facility that offers entertainment, companionship, dining, and care at any time. This arrangement can be an excellent choice for older adults who may want a little extra support around them but aren’t ready to give up their independence. While you’re able to stop by for a visit or meal with your loved one, you have help with day to day care.


Respite Care

If you are the primary caregiver for an elderly parent who requires ongoing care, another option is to look at respite care. This is a short term care option that can allow you time to devote to the other responsibilities and joys in your life. Respite care can be for as short as an afternoon or for multiple weeks. Imagine if you needed to go out of town for a work trip or you just wanted to get away for a few days with your partner. Respite care can cover the gap in care and give you peace of mind.



When a parent is reaching the end of their life, an only child may be especially overwhelmed by everything that needs to be done. Hospice is a great option. Not only will it provide ongoing palliative care for the patient but the care coordination team can take some of the pressure off the caregiver as well. While hospice can seem like a scary option, it truly benefits everyone involved.


Caring for an aging parent when you’re an only child is difficult and very confusing especially when you don’t know what your options are for proper care. If you are interested in learning more about assisted care, respite care or other options in and around San Antonio, TX, connect with us at Serenity Oaks. Our facility is designed to provide the very best care for your loved ones and to give you the support you need during this trying time.